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They are here and they are soooooo beautiful! #famoussas #famousstarsandstraps #cute #shoes #endoshoes

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Hey! my name is Eunice, I'm 26 and I'm a Journalist in audiovisual communications! I'm looking forward to study something related to Fine Arts! I'd Love to live in LA /NY or Spain...

Sometimes I'm an actress. Bassist, lover of life and dreams! Passionate. Always looking for Greatness!... I'm quite crazy and outgoing... I enjoy smiling :)! Health and Fitness! ^_^ kawaii - Peanut butter <3

God is Everything!
Strenght, dedication and Faith!

My dad is my hero and Gerard Way is close to that aswell - Lindsey Way and Jessicka Addams are my Role models, Lady Gaga is my Mother Monster! ♥ I Love my family and my boyfriend SO much! Long Live MCR. xo!

Amen Fashion!

05/17/2011 - The day I met Gerard Way and Frank Iero ♥
04/06/2013 - The day I met Lindsey Way <3
05/09/2014 - The day I met Lynz Way for the second time and Jessicka Addams <3

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